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you have the means in your possession

Lunch has just started and there are not very many people in the cafeteria, but apparently there isn't enough room for these two students to stand in line next to one another without... friction.

It begins with a scowl. Well, a scowl from the taller of the two. Delaney honestly doesn't seem to care. Unfortunately, this is not the correct response.
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Bella brought her lunch today and is already sitting down, waiting for Jessica or Angela or Eric or someone to appear and sit with her. Oh look. A distraction. This is probably going to be the most visually arresting thing in the room presently anyway; she directs her attention away from the door and towards Delaney and the person who does not like him for probably perfectly good reasons.
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Bella takes out her notebook and draws a plus sign next to a certain line.
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Why aren't the cafeteria ladies doing anything? They're right there. They are right there.

Bella gets out her phone. She dials Charlie's number, but doesn't hit send yet. "Delaney!" she hollers.
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Bella doesn't call her dad, yet, but she does march around the altercation to address the cafeteria ladies. "If you are not equipped to intervene," she says, "you need to get someone who is. Try Ms. Finch if you don't have a better idea."
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In the meantime, there is still a fight. "DELANEY!" shouts Bella. Is she the only person in the room who doesn't see the status quo of "Delaney periodically gets into injurious physical altercations with classmates" as an okay thing?
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"The cafeteria lady is getting Ms. Finch or someone. You might want to consider disengaging before she gets back. Other Guy, you too. Perhaps Delaney should go stand in that corner and you in the opposite one and you can glare at each other, does that sound good? Other Guy can rest assured that Delaney will get the crap beaten out of him one way or another within the next twenty-four hours. Delaney can meditate on overreactions and write a monograph on them later. Okay?" She has to pause here and there to be heard over the sound of fighting.
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Bella regains her calm slowly, and mostly by the mechanism of adjusting her hair, before looking to the source of the clapping. "Hello, Ms. Finch," she says, relieved.
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Bella inhales deeply, exhales, and smiles politely at Ms. Finch. "Thanks for appearing so quickly. It was not guaranteed that I'd be able to say anything useful."
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Bella is reasonably sure that she is not responsible for cleanup. She sits back down in her seat and eats her little package of popcorn.
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Bella has eaten three kernels of popcorn before Jessica finishes her own lunch transaction, plops into the seat at Bella's left, and demands a word-for-word recap.

Bella sighs very quietly and provides.