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(adventures in effulgence)

He has been in Forks, Washington for six months and they have been the most excruciatingly boring six months of his life to date.

There are so many things he can't do here, because this town is so small, and if anything gets back to Daddy dearest they'll just move somewhere worse. He honestly can't imagine anywhere worse, but then, before Forks he couldn't have imagined Forks.

Getting in fights at school is one of the few remaining forms of entertainment he can find any joy in, and it's also necessary for a few other reasons. So he doesn't waste any time on his first day back: it's ten after ten, he just got out of Art, the hallways are full of students rushing from class to class, and he finds one of the boys who already hates him a little and gives him a hard shove into the corner of a row of lockers.

Success. The crowd tries to stream around them at first, but at the point where the other boy has him on the ground and is punching him repeatedly in the face, traffic has come to a halt on all sides.
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Bella did not expect Forks High to be a linoleum-lined Fight Club, but she's on her way to her second class of the day and, lo and behold, a boy deliberately assaults one who's about half again his size. And then it turns into a massacre - an entirely predictable massacre. The smaller kid's martial arts teachers have failed him. If they even exist.

Bella turns to the boy who's shepherding her between classes; he's standing among the rubberneckers. "Why isn't anyone getting a teacher? Not to mention the nurse?" And, in a lower voice, "Is this common?"
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And he's still among the general population. Grand. She wonders if Charlie knows. "Does he do 'this' to everyone, or just people who eat my weight in protein powder for breakfast? Not that he's not obviously getting the worse end of things, now, but if he just pushes people into sharp corners at random..."
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Bella decides that she's going to inform a teacher, and Charlie, anyway, because she has heard of the bystander effect. She also decides that she's just going to have to be late to class in case she's the only person in the hallway with the presence of mind to make sure the idiot doesn't drown in his own blood or choke on a tooth or something. She produces a pocket-size notebook and writes down screw the first rule of Fight Club. "I'm going to stay here in case he needs an emergency vehicle," she tells Eric. "I'm one of, like, two people in town who can get ahold of one faster than the 911 dispatcher. Can you repeat the directions to building four again? I don't want to keep you."
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"Excuse me," calls Bella. Because everyone knows who she is - whose daughter she is - so far, that might be enough. She poises her pen over her notebook. "Punching person. Can I have your name? First and last, please?"

Because she doesn't really want to be late to class.
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Bella ignores the instigator-slash-victim, although she takes it as reassurance on the subject of his health that he is capable of speech. "Your name," she says. And apparently it wasn't enough, so, she adds, "Like so: I'm Bella Swan."
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"Do you know his last name?" Bella asks Eric, exasperated, as she lets the traffic pull her along with him to her next class. She's had various aspects of what makes witnesses annoying inculcated into her head from a young age, and knowing only the name "Dave" would be one of them.

She also writes, Delaney dislikes word 'freak'. Word does not appear to have provoked push into locker (?)
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David Farber. Felony assault? (Does provocation invalidate that?) Bella writes. "Thanks," she says, and she moves on to class.
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