edgeofyourseat: Grinning, maybe licking lips. (⑴ you say bark I say bite)
Delaney Kermit Erskine Hammond ([personal profile] edgeofyourseat) wrote2012-07-14 04:00 pm

ya keep on sinnin'

It's been two whole weeks of school and he's only gotten in one fight. That has to change. Not just because it's fun, either; a reputation for fighting gives him an easy lie whever somebody asks about the bruises.

(He asked when he turned eighteen if maybe he wasn't getting a little old for this. He has not asked again since.)

So he picks a time (beginning of lunch period) and a place (a long hallway near the cafeteria) and a target (popular, easily annoyed) designed, all together, to draw the maximum possible crowd. After that, all he has to do is run into the guy and then laugh in his face when he demands an apology and give him a little shove just to make the point that much clearer.

Thirty seconds later, his head slams into a locker and he hasn't felt this good all week.

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