edgeofyourseat: Lurking. (⑻ out of the doorway)
Delaney Kermit Erskine Hammond ([personal profile] edgeofyourseat) wrote2012-07-10 09:09 pm

no way to breathe easy, no time to be young

It's something like the second week of school, and something like the second month that the Hammond family (father, mother, son, assorted house staff) has lived in Sunnydale.

He expected Dad would hear about it, and he expected he'd catch hell, and both of those things happened. What he didn't expect was the part where they packed up and moved to a tiny California town (with a really surprising number of unoccupied mansions for its population). Delaney Hammond Sr didn't even explain his reasoning, not that his wayward son was dumb enough to ask. Somehow, though, moving to the opposite corner of the country is supposed to make all of Delaney Jr's problems disappear.

Yeah, it's not working that way.

Right now, for example, he is meant to be in class. He doesn't even know what class. Where he is is outside in the schoolyard, leaning against a tree, watching the afternoon sun through the leaves and playing with a lighter in his lap. Flick, flick. It's relaxing.

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