edgeofyourseat: Lurking. (Default)
Delaney Kermit Erskine Hammond ([personal profile] edgeofyourseat) wrote2012-07-16 06:58 am

we'd seen each other in a dream

It's been a week, and he hasn't been back to school. There are rumours about him now – that he got expelled for fighting, that he fell off a cliff, that a car ran him over and he's in the hospital, that he has AIDS.

No one expects the truth. When he comes back to school with his left cheek stitched shut, everyone stares.

It's kinda fun.

He gets tired of it after lunch, though; the last class he attends is art, because he likes art. Then he finds himself a shady spot outside under a tree, flops down on his back in the grass, and takes a nap.

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